Die ULTIMATIVEN Sanitär-Tricks BIBEL (30+ Tricks!) | GOT2LEARN


Hier ist eine Zusammenstellung von Sanitär-Tricks, die ich gen meinem Wasserweg gepostet habe. Leer zusammen vertrauenswürdig dasjenige umfassendste Video zur Zusammenstellung von Sanitär-Tricks gen YouTube. Viel Spaß!
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Milwaukee Lochsägen-Kit:
Channel Lock Wide Azz Wrench:
Sharkbite 1/2 "Haube:
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FatMax Torpedo Level:
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Milwaukee 1/2 "18Vanadium FUEL strenge Ausbildung:
TurboTorch Fackel:
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  1. Outstanding Job! I have been doing home repairs on my house for 40 years, and I didn't know a lot of these tips. This kind of knowledge is not found in any book. It comes from years of experience of experts doing this stuff over and over, and finding a better, easier way of doing it. Pure gold!

  2. Got a call, old mans toilet is stopped up, flushing very slowly, I figured its an easy task, turns out the pipe is frozen from the outside crawl space, below freezing temperatures. Came here to check out these plumbing tricks and what do I get? No F_ing luck!

  3. I have seen a lot of crazy stuff in plumbing. One that stands out the most. I had a tenant call me back in the day and try to convince me that her 15 yr old toilet all a sudden has a defect in the bowl/base part of the toilet and sprung a leak. Ric, I swear a perfect round piece just fell out. So when I flush my toilet and it fills, I'm losing water out of this hole in the bowl part of the toilet! Me: WTF!!! I never heard of anything like that b4! I will be there in a hour. In the mean time reach behind your toilet and shut of the water supply valve. Ric I can't reach the valve, I don't fit! Me: (The little voice in my head- dohhhh!! I forgot you were 400 lbs.) Ok! Just don't lean on the tank ! Leave it be and I'm on my way! Dont flush the toilet and plz put down some towels to catch the water!
    I arrive and look at the toilet, my first gut instinct, Umm this is no defect! Who shot a hole in the side of the toilet? Ric! We don't have a gun in this house! Me: Mam! You yourself told me about your Bf carrying a gun and your kid finding it the last time I was here.You were outraged that your BF left it where they can find it, REMEMBER?!?!?!? What about that? Oh I forgot about that, but my kids didn't find it this time. Me: Ok so when your Bf went to take a pee, he forgot his gun was crotched or something and when he unzipped his gun fell, he fumbled it before it hit the water and blew off a round and pierced the double wall of the bowl. No way Ric! Then she tells me she dropped a can of cleaner and it hit the toilet so that's what must have made the hole. Me: Um NO! If anything it would crack the bowl, it wouldn't blow a clean hole straight through the bowl! It would've cracked or shattered had you dropped something heavy or hard against the toilet. Whatever punched a perfect round hole through the double wall of the bowl was moving extremely fast. So I start looking around and I see a broken tile. Oh hell no!! I went to my truck and got a long straight coat hanger, I said Im betting if I put this metal coat hanger through this hole, the wire is going to point exactly where the tile is busted. I Slide the piece of metal coat hanger in the hole and bam! it lines up perfect to the busted tile. Ric, you should've been a detective. Thats some NCIS shit you're pulling. Mam, it's the only logical thing. Your BF done lied to you. He shot the toilet. Im not saying he did it on purpose but someone shot a hole through the toilet and you are paying for it. She never argued with me after I stuck the coat hanger in the hole. She just had a big shit eaten grin on her face and shook her head and said you're good Ric.
    You can't fool us. We have to be detectives to figure out why something has failed so we can correct the issue.lol

  4. I'm embarrassed to admit this, it takes a man to be able to admit this, lol I did not know there is an extra cutting wheel in the pipe cutter. I went and grabbed mine and sure as shit there is one! You rock!! Thanks for the tips n tricks. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact you taught me something new I did not know! A few tips n tricks that I would like to add which is very helpful for amateur sweaters/welding/soldering copper pipe. Not sure how much soldier to use? Good rule of thumb if you're soldiering 1/2 pipe, you need 1/2 of soldier. 3/4 in copper- 3/4 inches of soldier and so on and so fourth. Take your soldier and unroll 6-10 inches of it, measure out a 1/2 of soldier and then bend over a half inch worth of soldier. Now you know exactly how much will be needed to weld/soldier/sweat (tomato/tamato) your 1/2 copper pipe. Or if your soldiering 3/4 in pipe, bend over 3/4 in long of soldier from your roll. Once the 1/2 or 3/4 in soldier is gone you are done. Always, always take your time soldiering. It's not a race. You want to be safe, not set anything on fire and be sure to properly clean all joining areas of the pipe and it's fittings. Be sure to use a rat tail file to file off any burs left inside the pipe. This will cause a leak down the road if you do not clean up your ends. It's much easier to do this now than when you turn on the water and discover you have a leak. Then you have water in the lines and you have to drain the water or else the pipe will never heat up hot enough if you have water in the lines and it takes double if not triple the time had you done it right the first time.
    My last trick- if you're trying to do a repair on a copper pipe where the water valve doesn't turn off the water all the way after you cut the pipe in half and discover you have water flowing still then take a piece of bread and push it over the cut end of the pipe that you cut in half 2 x's with the bread. The pipe will cut out a perfect sized piece of bread to clog the pipe with. Take a screwdriver and carefully push the bread inside the copper pipe u are repairing a good 4-6 inches then dry out as much water as you can right away from the exposed inside of the pipe you cut for your repair.. The bread will prevent water from flowing long enough so you can soldier your pipe back together. Once you turn the water back on at the valve, the water pressure will blast the bread into pieces and dissolve the bread completely within 30 mins and you will be clog free and a hero!
    I lied, last but not least, if you have a leaking valve, there should be a nut on top of the valve that you can remove. Do so and wrap graphite around the thread clockwise and tighten the nut back down and your leak is sealed. A good plumber always has graphite in his/her tool box. ALWAY ALWAYS make sure you have a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher within arms length when you are soldiering in case something ignites. And for the Love of GOD, NEVER EVER dip your hot soldiered pieces you just welded together in water to cool them down faster. You will crack the weld!! Drop a ice cube in a glass of water, notice how the ice cracks? Same thing happens to your weld when you rapidly cool it down with a wet rag or water. DON'T DO IT!!! Just be patient and wait. This is why you get paid the big bucks. Take your time and be a professional about it!

    FIRM COATS are you best friend when attaching PVC to cast iron or cast iron to cast iron pipe. Perfect example, a lot of bathtubs have the old cast iron barrel traps. When your bathtub wont drain and you can't get it unclogged and you have a barrel trap, the little canals inside the barrel trap have broke down and failed, creating a clog that you can not free. Simply just cut the cast iron pipe just before the trap and a foot after the trap. Then join PVC pipe to the cast iron with a firm coat and put together a new p-trap/ j trap out of PVC.
    Be safe guys!

  5. Are you soliciting plumbing problems that folks have encountered to develop a solution for inclusion in next video? That dripping solder piece was great, the stand alone video, reminded me of things i have not had to practice in a while. Cheers!

  6. Bro, you are a manic teacher. I wanted to comment on at least 5 of those, but you went so fast and I was so enthralled, I forgot which ones.

    Oh yeah, the tape measure to support the pipe was one.

    On a personal note, are you Quebecois? Your English is clear, though some pronunciation seems influenced by French roots. More videos please. These are great for our students!

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