DIY – ERSTAUNLICHE IDEEN MIT ZEMENT – So zeugen Sie Ihre die noch kein Kind geboren hat glücklich

45 comments, 41 shares, -1 points

DIY – ERSTAUNLICHE IDEEN MIT ZEMENT – So zeugen Sie Ihre die noch kein Kind geboren hat glücklich
Bastelzement Ideen, Sand und Zement
verzieren sie haus,
Vielen Dankfest fürs Zuschauen, Bestellen und Teilen!
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45 comments, 41 shares, -1 points

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  1. Why did he not just make a cake with icing? I'd marry him after his wife left him for the bog roll thing if I got a weekly cake that size ??

  2. I think us women have got moor better brains than men leave the craft ideas up to ua women and you just be there to help with the difficult stuff like drilling cutt wood so on if you can do that right ?? !!

  3. oh a plant holder thought it would've been something new for the bathroom na na don't like this all that mess for this shool like project I think ? a 5yesr old would of thought of something better than that did you make the wife happy I Carn't think she was when she came to go the toilet did she or did you wipe her hair bot bot for her when she found no bog roll aye poor woman ? I feel sorry for and I think she would of liked something moor pretty than that my god the brains ? of some men need transplants I would of put your brain ? in it mate I bet you never even got Back to tap on the back ?????????? tut tut I don't know what we'll have done do with some of you men ?????

  4. eer is that your brain your trying to copy well I think ? you should go to doctors on that one mate if I'd been your life would of left you you years ago no wounder you come up a stupid thing for loo roll ????the mind boggles sometimes with men you must of been very very bored I could think of better ways to use it, mate tut tut tut you need to see a brain surgeon ????

  5. hey I bet your wife went, mad for wasting the loo rolls I would've made sure you used these loo rolls yourself ??trust men to think something like this tut tut tut I suppose he's trying hahaha

  6. Wow so many negative comments. The end result is beautiful. It's unique. So many men out there getting drunk, cheating on their wives, killing and raping etc. He didn't even take the easy route like run to the store to buy it or ask someone else to do it. He put in time and creativity because he wanted to do something special for his wife. What's wrong with that? But hey I'm sure he doesn't mind the negative comments because he has 17 million views and 200k+ subscribers. So that 10 mins of time wasted that your talking about just earned him a fat check from YouTube ?????

  7. My dog ran out of the room because of the music. I just kept watching because I couldn't believe my eyes, nor could I figure out what the hell he was making. Ugh… 10 minutes of my life wasted and my dog left me.

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