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Künstler / Getty Images
Tropfflasche mit Pipette. Mock up Essentielle Körperflüssigkeit mit Aloe Vera
undefined undefined / Getty Images
Im Stadtzentrum gelegene Skyline-Antenne Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Kruck20 / Getty Images
Junges asiatisches Frauenlächeln und -freude des schönen Porträts mit Hautpflegegebrauchsöl-Löschpapier hinaus dem Gesicht, dies Spiegel im Raum, Schönheitsasien-Mädchen glücklich und Beifallmake-up und Schönheitspflege, Gesundheitswesen hinaus Gesichtskonzept schaut.
narith_2527 / Getty Images
Schreiben eines Diätplans hinaus dem Tisch voll des gesunden Lebensmittels
RossHelen / Getty Images
Schminke explantieren. Mädchen-Reinigungs-Gesichts-Pelle mit kosmetischer Metallüberzug
puhhha / Getty Images
Die Speicher während eines schwermütigen Sonnenuntergangs in den Berkshire-Retten
Sean Comiskey / Getty Images
Reife Nullipara im Kerl von
Ridofranz / Getty Images
Kokosmilchglas mit Nüssen und Ölflaschen, frische Kokosnussflocken.
Anna-Ok / Getty Images
Erläutern Sie Stelle mit Klemmbrett und Text "Hormonen", Medizinflaschen, rotem Stethoskop, Brillen und Pillen hinaus rosa Holztisch.
VeranoVerde / Getty Images
lortie / Getty Images
Junges Mädchen mit Hautproblemen
Obencem / Getty Images
Jugendliches Mädchen, dies an Akne leidet
Obencem / Getty Images
Pelle welcher Nullipara mit Schandfleck und Flecken
Manuel Faba Ortega / Getty Images
Realistisches Höhlenmenschenessen
EzumeImages / Getty Images
Vorher und Nachher welcher reifen Nullipara
M_a_y_a / Getty Images



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  1. Everyone's Skin Is Different!
    1, My face is extremely oily so NO I don't moisturize (it only makes it worse), only if I'm going out into the sun then yes I'll apply neutrogena spf.
    2, I apply a 30% Rentinol cream every other nite. A Salicylic/Mandelic acid peel every Sunday nite followed by applying a PEPTIDE SERUM, which is basically my "moisturizer".
    It's a routine I like and have great results, it works for me👍.

  2. Damn people here are suddenly experts in skincare. When she literally went through pre-med, med school and then residency to become a dermatologist aka a skin expert. I'm a dermatologist and I understand the reasons behind her responses, though I would attack these types of diseases differently, does not mean she is wrong. What's wrong is buzzfeed literally not spelling anything correctly. Like seriously you have a whole team to work on this.

  3. I followed the advice in this video to use Differin as I have acne and scars – exactly what it is recommended for. The stuff left my face burned, red, and blotchy and it didn't go away for a week! I only used it twice. I thought, "dermatologist recommended literally on the As/Is video!" Bogus!

  4. "If your skin is oily you don't need a moisturizer" this is totally wrong, my husband had super oily skin with a lot of acne, he used to washed his face 3 times a day to deal with it, later I introduce him to cleaning with micellar water, gentle face wash, using toner, serum, moisturizer, sunscreen,and face mask, now he is all clear up (of acne) and doesn't have oily face anymore.

  5. The very first person since the "craze" began I've heard pronounce the word "micellar" correctly. They don't even say it right in the commercials. It's not MISS-uh-lurr, it's my-SELL-urr

  6. Regarding caveman thing, I remember in middle school I hated washing my face and wouldn’t do it often. I had clear skin, only an occasional pimple or 2 but when i washed my face my acne flared up 🤯

  7. I have a few questions.
    1. I have sensitive skin, and I have acne. Would I break out or damage my skin in any way if I put on a facemask or cream?

    2. I have a lot of acne, but I wear makeup to try and cover it. My daily makeup look is foundation, blush, lipgloss, and mascarra. Do I get more acne because of my makeup?
    3. I sometimes get acne on my arms shoulders and legs. Is this normal and is there any way I can prevent this?

  8. “All of the photos I’ve seen of prehistoric humans….” 🙄

    Lady, your advice was entirely questionable. Literally the only dermatologist ever to say a pore strip is okay.
    I lost count how many times you’ve said “it depends.”

  9. She's right about one thing, benzoyl peroxide is great for acne, it's my miracle cream since teenage years…and the advice on sunscreen is also true, of course. but the other stuff is questionable at least. Scrubs do help clear up the skin if it's due to clogged pores, just make sure you aren't using it on sensitive skin and not too often. These strips are most of the time useless against blackheads and big pores (sometimes they catch something, but that's not worth the hussle), try niacinamide instead and let an aesthetician empty out your pores every once in a while when it gets too bad. Retinol can NOT be used by everyone! It can be far too aggressive for rosacea patients for example. Also, guys, do moisturise your face even if you have oily skin. Just use a water-based gel with hyaluron and glycerin or smth like that and without oils. It will make your skin better and less oily. Also I wonder why she's not mentioning any other active ingredients or antioxidants like Vitamin C :/

  10. I had a dermatologist similar to her and she suggested stuff that made my acne from moderate to severe… everyone’s skin is different but I wouldn’t advise anything she said

  11. Whoever is the editor of this video needs to know that the green background with white font doesn't match. First of all, they're both light colors. So I can't read what you wrote. Second, I have astigmatism. That color is only great for accents. Too bright. Lastly, that font. Omg. Make it bigger or adjust the kerning or change it to san serif.

  12. I was listening diligently eager to hear what she said. Then she got to the end ….. and said if your skin is oily you don't have to use a moisturizer …… I would like for her credentials to be revoked

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