Fake Parfüm – Sauvage Hat herausgegeben von Christian Dior


Bitte schön schauen Sie sich mein anderes Video von Sauvage – EdP 2018 – Real vs Fake an, viel kürzer und unverändert hinaus den Zähler gebracht:

1. Spenden Sie, wenn Sie meine Arbeit zu Gunsten von nützlich halten:
2. Kaufen Sie dies authentische Produkt:


00:00 Eröffnungsworte
02:56 Gefälschter Celofane und Verpackung
06:14 Gewichtsmessung zu Gunsten von echte und gefälschte (Erwähnung: meine authentische hat 5-10ml schon verwendet)
07:31 Boxkampf Vergleich
13:23 Flaschen Vergleich
20:13 Kapseln (non…)
23:00 Geruchsvergleich
28:43 Weitere Unterschiede (Oberseite welcher Zerstäuber und Grund welcher Flaschen)
31:15 Schlussworte

Seien Sie sich welcher Tatsache geistig, dass es im Laufe welcher Zeit zu ästhetischen Veränderungen welcher Produkte kommen kann. Selbst habe eine authentische Dior Sauvage vorgestellt, die im Jahr 11.2015 hergestellt wurde.

Ausrüstung zu Gunsten von dieses Video:
– Kamera: Nikon D3100 –
– Mikrofon: Blue Yeti Pro –
– Stativ: Fancier Studio -.


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  1. Sauvage is a copy of a forgotten fragrance called Brut. I think Brut actually smells better! Sauvage is bascially Brut with molasses added to it. Their names are similar too. A savage is a brutish person.

  2. I bought a tester recently and it's really cheap but man it's like the original, it even has the polarized magnetic cap! The only flaws are no batch code, white atomizer and the CD logo on top of the atomizer.

  3. Just brought a savauge from a site on Facebook the pictures sent you can see the indent of the ML so hopefully mine will be good. I've zoomed in on the batch code exact same as the real one

  4. Man, tanx a Lot, u r amazing!!! I also bought a sauvage that was sold to me as TESTER. O noticed that the smell, as u Said, is a little bit strong at the First minute, maybe because the alcohol, but after that, the smell is identical. WTF!!!!!????? 😮

  5. Very informative video!
    Unfortunately, it looks like I have been gifted a fake one! It's been bought in Turkey, probably at a discounted price.

    The things is, mine looks like an updated, even better fake (but still not perfect).
    Here are the differences between my fake and yours:
    – the whole box looks like it has a blueish, darker tint (yours is more brownish);
    – the "100ML", "3.4 FL.OZ." on the bottom are carved, although not very well, and they look like they have been previously printed in grey, then erased;
    – the printings on the box look a little bit better, especially the smaller ones, but some things are still the same: squared font under the barcode, batch number (suspiciously, it's the same as yours: "5S03", not perfectly carved and again kinda like printed and then erased);
    – the box DOES have the bee on the inside at the top;
    – the box DOES have the additional small wall inside, although it's positioned differently and it's kinda slanted, so the bottle STILL moves inside if you shake it;
    – the cap is magnetic, and it doesn't get pushed up if you rotate it, BUT it doesn't rattle anymore: the top of the bottle DOES rattle, though, and the cap still doesn't have the bee inside (it's plain grey metal like yours).

    Some other differences actualyl make it worse and are a dead givaway that it's a fake:
    – the writings on the bottom of my bottle say EAU DE PARFUM, whereas on the box it says EAU DE TOILETTE;
    – also on the FRONT of the bottle it says EAU DE PARFUM;
    – also on the BACK of the bottle it says DEMONSTRATION, VENTE INTERDITE, NOT FOR SALE.

    I didn't keep or check the external cellophane folding.

    Also: keep in mind I don't have an original bottle and I have never tried smelling one, BUT the smell does seem a bit generic and it fades away rather quickly, even though it smells kinda good for a fake.

    Overall: incredibly good fake!

    Keep up the good work with your videos!

  6. Wtf I purchased DIOR SAUVAGE there is no difference between it and the original one and after watching the video,but the difference is only the patch code on the bottom of the bottle is not like the number carved outside

  7. Thanks for the video
    Thankfully my Christian Dior is authentic I have all the authenticity that you pointed out in the video
    So thankfully where I get my fragrances from is fragrancenet.com
    And to point out the magnet on the cap why it separates on the real one is because there's 2 magnets 1 in the cap 1 on the bottle where the fake only has one magnet
    when you put two magnets together they separate the two opposing sides a positive and a negative will force each other apart just some food for thought

  8. Got a Dior Sauvage in my country. Something about it was just a bit off. Smell just didn't seem right. The little atomizer of mine was white, no batch code on bottom and came in a pictured sleeve as well with Johnny Depp so knew it was a fake.

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