Kuh Tricks & Treats: Maissilage 2019 Teil 3


Es ist Zeit, Kuhbonbons (dh Kuhfutter) zu füttern! meine Wenigkeit hätte vielleicht die Kuhtricks übertrieben (obwohl ein Kalb entkommen ist), ungeachtet sie halten dieses Zeug pro eine Wohltat. Getreidesilage, die wir im August gehackt und aufgestellt nach sich ziehen, wird nun täglich freigelegt und gefüttert. meine Wenigkeit könnte mich beschweren, ungeachtet die Kühe nicht. 😉 Gerdie wird dies nächste Mal WIRKLICH repariert, weil wir keine Zeit mehr nach sich ziehen! Danke pro's Da sein. Solange bis zum nächsten Mal, Gutshof rigoros gut leben. xx





Hallo! meine Wenigkeit bin eine bäuerliche Ehefrau, Mama zu zweit und kaffee-süchtig. meine Wenigkeit bin uff dem Weg durch dies Leben uff dieser Farm und lade Sie ein. meine Wenigkeit glaube, dass all unsrige Geschichten eine Rolle spielen und dass sie mehr miteinander zu tun nach sich ziehen, denn wir denken.

Mein Mann, zwei Kinder und ich funktionieren und leben in einem Rinderbetrieb in Milton, NC, uff dieser Central NC / VA-Linie. Keine zwei Tage sind hier gleich und ich benutze diesen Vlog, um dies Gute, dies Schlechte, dies Schwierige und dies Belohnende zu zeigen, dies wir in diesem Leben finden. Wenn dir gefällt, welches du siehst, würde ich mich freuen, wenn du dich anmeldest und es einem Spezi erzählst, dieser vielleicht zweite Geige Spaß hat. Selbige Gemeinschaft wächst und ich liebe es, mit euch allen zu interagieren. Gutshof rigoros, gut leben.

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  1. Meredith, you and Lawrence make a good team. He sets in the seats of equipment like he wished it was a saddle…. I member going from ground feed to silage and fighting in it with my brothers. Girls were off with mom doing mom things and they spoke when they had too. I was the way oldest as I was adopted an a half what ever as I met them when I was about nine. I was thin as a wafer but bull stout. Dad put up with me and let me know there wasn't any lost love for me so I never gave back none. I worked from can see to past can't see every day and I wore the same clothes till I was ashamed of them and jumped in the creek and done laundry and took bath at same time. I come there in washington from carolina after mom died and I didn't know where else to go. My step mom was a tall and mean woman an did little as she could so I kept busy so I didn't think about nothing. I didn't know why but I knew I wasn't wanted. I fixed all the equipment cause it come natural to me. I was lucky on that. I had never been to school so when I got there things didn't change none so If someone smiled, it was cause they let a fart an blamed it on me. I would get cuffed a lot till I fought back and I took to that fairly well too. I got loose of them when I turned fifteen and the local cop helped me find a place of my own. Told me to get up early and get on the first crew bus I worked in the woods till I was seventeen and got in a fight and the judge told me he was putting me away for it. I asked why and he said I was a bully. Maybe I should a let them win sometimes but I was just tired a being hit….. I asked him was they no other way an he said ya but you "CS" boys are all cowards. I asked him what was I supposed to do and he said well if I wasn't scared then join the army so I did. I got in middle of september 66 and went to fort bragg….. I got out winter of 69 and since I never ever had a place, I went to Alaska. I wasn't the most pleasant to look at as ever commi shot at me and a lot were getting good at hitting as the hit my jaw and took out most my teeth. I found me a little native girl lost as me and we made the best of it for twenty plus years then she told me something. ….. You never smile or laugh and I am tired of not knowing where I stand with you. You don't celebrate birthdays, holidays, christmas. nor hold the kids. I told her I wanted them to be strong like me and she said ain't good enough so she took the kids and kicked me to the curb so I moved further north. I got to anchorage and worked as a mechanic… got me a place an a couple a dogs. I was finally happy. My dogs stayed till they was twelve and a half and I never had cried before but I did then. I loved them hard and they loved me. Far as I know, I am last living an thats good with me. My neighbors dog took to me like I was his lost friend and comes every day and stays with till his owner calls him home and hes drunk. He kicked the dog and I broke his jaw… he don't kick animals no more at all. I am in bad health as I have smoked since forever including service. I got tore up from the floor up a few times and usually heal but now that I'm 72, I seem to just get through it. I have lost count of broken bones. You make me happy as I see you and you husband kiss or smile with your eyes. I can tell he's warming to this camera thing and that he treats the kids and you good as he can and will not take from the family. Might want to tell him that he's loved more and sow some leather pads in his britches kness's. Guys don't just know things that women like as I got figured. Your a good mother and wife Meredith. I really like your channel

  2. Hey Meredith how about a equipment tour? I would love to hear the history of your equipment especially the Farmall and the old Chevy truck in the shed. I grew up on farmall tractors and old chevy trucks.

  3. Bless your heart! You looked like you were going to cry over that locked steering column. Get yourself an 8 qt. insta-pot type cooker and you can go from freezer to table in no time.
    BTW, whats wrong with the old man? He looks a little stove up.

  4. I totally figure stuff out by talking out loud, even if it’s just me and the dogs. And yes, it is so hard to juggle the extracurricular activities, with homeschool and home, plus you have the farm and business too. I get it, I live from my planner and phone alarms. Sometimes my head feels like it’s gonna explode.

  5. I just watch from my deer stand. Your the best, I have watched every minute of every video since I have discovered you. Your following is growing big time. You sure do know how to work it. Don’t know how you keep this pace! Keep it going!👍

  6. Really enjoy your videos,,i have watched everyone of them.It reminds me of working on a neighbors farm when I was a pup,,Those were good times.Now I was diagnosed to be disabled with parkinsons at the age of 48 and now am 57 and I love everyday the good Lord wakes me up!!Yes I have subscribed,liked every video and even watch the ads to give you a lil extra $$$$..Watching your little family does me a world of good Thanks for sharing with us!!

  7. That's a nice setup for the electric fence back in the day that used to use a car battery some people still do my cousin took a whiz on the electric fence one time we were laughing for days it didn't get him at first and then it bit him pretty good so here's Woodrow was out of whack for a min😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 can I give an idea since your channel is starting to take off and do really well why don't you do videos when you're doing dinner and do a cookbook I think you really should you have a beautiful family you have a beautiful face that would go great on your cookbook maybe you guys sitting on some straw bales and put one together you might not have time to film every time you cook dinner give it some time that's just an idea and I think I've said it before but you're combine is what I grew up on I'll be 49 in a few days or so on the 5th it's really cool to see what you do because it's a lot of what I did when I was growing up with the feeder calves learning how to drive tractors and combines plant disc combine did I mention combine hahaha oh I'm on one I guess lots of hay ballet they put us young guys to work but have to be but have to be honest you have a really cool personality but all y'all stay safe and we'll see you around soon God bless and take care💓💓👍👍👍👍💓👊👊👊💓☺☺☺☺ oh yeah BTW spray some WD-40 in the key slot and around it maybe a little on the key and and see how that does once you get the key to turn over work it back and forth without starting it just saying…..and peek ah Boo .. I miss smelling silage and your husband yeah I can see him getting really pissed sometimes and that's the way it goes on the farm and you can talk to cows you can do whatever you want yeah I can see him getting really pissed sometimes and that's the way it goes on the farm and you can talk to cows and throw a wrench and say a few Choice words and then like this video when he gave you that smirk look with a smile you know that man loves you but when we see you standing by the gate instead of riding on the tractor is does that mean it's one of those days or what LOL JK JK go bake an apple pie and some pot roast yum yum that's been salmon good will see you guys soon hun☺☺☺☺☺☺

  8. when I saw the tornado warnings up near your area Thursday night as the front rolled though I hoped your family and farm were spared. seems from today's reports the northern states caught the worst of it. had 4 inches of rain over here in the last 2 weeks. hoping for a frost here Saturday night so I can get closer to picking my beans. thanks for the video.

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